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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 2, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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violence pattern, two women raped in baltimore city, and police believe the same person is to blame. tonight, where the attacks are happening, who's being targeted and what police are
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doing about it. hello everybody i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. >> police are stepping up patrol tonight fearing there could be a serial rapist on the lose. this after two vie leapt attacks. the rapest may be targeting women at bus stops. kelly mcpherson has the story. >> reporter: both victims were waiting for a bus near a bus stop this weekend in east baltimore. the one woman in her 50s, the other in her 20s. police believe they had the same attacker but they do not know who he is. >> reporter: a man is dragging females to secluded spots to beat and rape them. here's finding them here alone at bus stops early in the morning. the first victim in her 20s tells police she was grabbed at this bus stop. >> i had no clue any of this was going on. >> reporter: how does that make you feel.
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>> i am kind of nervous being here now. now that i know that, i won't be here anymore. i guess i'll have to get off some where else and go home. >> reporter: saturday morning, police believe the same man took his second victim from the end of this lot to an abandoned lot over here. >> it's because it's probably not too much light and not a lot of traffic here. >> we started traffic checks to get information and to put this out there. we don't want this guy to strike again. >> reporter: police don't have much of a description but are scouring the area in hopes that witnesses can describe the attacker. police want women to stay aware of their surroundings and beware of the area. >> well i try to stay on the phone when i'm out and about, but i don't think that's going
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to do anything. >> reporter: you're not really surprised. >> no. >> reporter: police do have dna evidence from the victims, that has been labeled a top priority with the lab, but that still could take several weeks for results. reporting live, kelly mcpherson, wjz eyewitness news. anyone with information on these attacks is urged to call baltimore city police. police in baltimore county are searching for a person who killed a man during a robbery. tonight, police tell mike helgren two men responsible are behind bars. >> reporter: investigators quickly made two arrests in connection with aaron brice who was gunned down at a halloween party at this $1.6 million home
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in an exclusive howard county subdivision. >> we had a rough morning. when i got a call this afternoon, that his body was ready at the medical examiner's office. it was a pretty tough call. >> reporter: police say devin dixon shot brice as dozens of partygoers fled for their lives. a neighbor who heard it all asked wjz to conceal her identity. >> to see it last night was kind of a shock. it was late, it was like 9:00 at night. >> they seemed very niece guys, always respectful of me and my son. >> we still need additional information to help us bring
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this to a successful conclusion. >> reporter: authorities say the homeowners rented their property for parties and police had been called for a disturbance there back in june. >> you advertise a party, you have these kids come in and pay to get in and then you don't even have security. >> paint this picture in your mind of a party with over 100 people in it. and witnesses shooting, what that does to that crowd. >> reporter: now the victim's family is coping with the reality they'll never see him again. police recovered a gun from the suspect's home, at this point they are still testing it to see if it was used in that shooting. john helhgren. >> this is howard county's second homicide of the year. black and decker has been sold in a $2.5 million deal. it is being acquired by stanley
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works. the new company will be known as stanley black & decker company. according to the baltimore business journal, company leaders say most of the 1250 workers there will keep their jobs. this is election eve for voters in two states. in new jersey and incumbent joe corzine has welcomed president obama to his campaign five times. the president also campaigned for virginia cay deeds, right now he is trailing republican bob mcdonald. holiday season is fast approaching, if you're planning to travel out of town, be prepared to spend big bucks. getting out of town is getting more expensive. wjz is live at marshall edward right now. whether your driving or flying you're going to play more this
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year. >> traveling this holiday season will be a costly proposition. whether by road or air, the cost is going to be up. that means you will be spending a lot of money. >> reporter: if there's no place like home in the holidays, then why do we leave in the first place. the simple answer is to see family and friends. yet the high cost of traveling this year could cause many to scale back. >> i won't fly any where for the holidays. >> the fees, they are silly. >> reporter: flying is becoming a drag for many travelers. a tough economy means the airlines have fewer planes in the skies, that means fewer seats that cost you more money. many airlines are now charging for bags and inflight meals. if they have meals at all. >> i'm more inclined to start driving to be honest. >> reporter: during the holiday, many people prefer
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driving than flying, because it's cheaper. but now, even driving may be out of the question. because the price of gasoline is up. the average price for a gallon of gas is $2.66. that's up 28-cents from last month. >> because of an increase of demand, we have seen the price of crude go up. >> reporter: if you're unhappy with the price of air fare and unhappy with the price of gas, you can always travel by train, but there's no guarantee that will be cheap either. >> or like my mother said, just stay home. drivers will see lower prices at the pump. drivers across maryland will have a little longer before they start getting
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tickets from a newly installed speed cameras. last month speed cameras were activated in highway work zones. drivers going over 50 miles per hour have been receiving warnings instead of fines. the grace period will be continued for of the two weeks. happy birthday mayor shaffer. >> reporter: william donald shaffer never missed an opportunity to take a good photo. in the pool, on campaign or on his birthday. shaffer is hidden from view. >> how you doing buddy. >> reporter: an overflow crowd
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gathered to honor the man who got in baltimore's renaissance, from the leader of the house. >> the best mayor i've ever made. probably made the biggest difference in his city. >> reporter: to a fellow councilman. >> he took this dirty city and gave it pizazz. every time you turn you can see signs of shaffer. >> reporter: shaffer listened for an hour as his achievements were read. >> ethnic festival, ice skates, school 33. >> reporter: then after the mayor and the former mayor now governor spoke, the moment -- >> two, one, here it is. >> reporter: like he was when in office, the statute is larger than life. although he was not scheduled to speak. this beloved politician could
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not walk past a microphone. >> thank you for coming. you don't know what this means to me. in this twilight of your life. you live ups and downs, mostly ups. >> you usually don't have this kind of recognition until you are dead. >> to recognize shaffer, as we look throughout the city, this is his place. >> we should all have such a full and meaningful life. major food recall.
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some contaminated ground beef is being recalled. where the meat was sold in maryland. some dry cool days ahead. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete first warn forecast, up next. boss: so word's gettin' out that geico can help people save in even more ways -
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in central maryland right now. the complete first warn weather is coming up. this 20-foot geyser sprung out of the ground. a ruptured water main was the cause. the he cycled water didn't pose a risk but did cause a lot of headaches for near by business. a bird strike forces delta airlines flight to make an emergency landing. the plane was hit bay flock of birds shortly after take off from phoenix. the pilot made a quick return and landed safely. you can see a hole was fairly visible just above the cockpit. no one was hurt. the attorney for sirhan says the move for a new facility puts his client's life in danger. sirhan requested the move and
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wants to stay there. meanwhile sirhan's lawyer says he has new evidence and wants to reopen the case. t one week from tomorrow, the man behind the dc sniper spree is ready to die. muhammad is can scheduled for the injection. tonight, two of the snipers victims shared their intermost feelings, as the man who tried to kill them finds himself facing death. >> you wife was shot? >> yes she shattered her head. >> reporter: a 23 day shooting spree. 10 people in all gunned down by
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a faceless enemy. >> you are a target,. >> your children are not safe any was at any time. >> reporter: only at the sniper is captured, that we learn the murders were meant to cover up the ultimate murder. his wife. >> how are the children doing? i didn't say they love him. he's their father, they know what he did was wrong. they have accepted that fact. but they still look at him as their dad. >> reporter: next week muhammad will die by lethal injection, unless the virginia governor stops it. >> once this execution takes place, will it bring closure for yourself and your family? >> i don't know how to prepare for an execution.
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i know they will be the ones experiencing the most pain. >> reporter: what was the process like? just peeling yourself. >> reporter: mildred met one of the survivors. >> he always wanted to meet me, he said how do i feel knowing that john was going to kill me. and i said i deal with it one day at a time. >> as soon as i get in my car, see a flash of light and the window exploded. >> reporter: only after, melvo learns he is one of the victims. he still drives the car he was shot in and recently sold his restaurant. >> every experience changes you some what. but the key is not to let it
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ruin your life. life is just a gift. >> reporter: on the day of execution, how do you plan to do? how will you celebrate it. >> probably spend it with my children and grandchildren. i don't want to waste a day seeing him die. >> reporter: mildred's children want to see their father before being executed. and she is doing everything she can to make that happen. tomorrow, hear firsthand what prosecutors did what they did. the federal health department now says tainted ground beef caused an e-coli
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recall. in its list of best diners, southern living magazine the bellock diner. they praise it for its neon signs and chrome stools, they sing about the diner's pudding. >> and their greek salad. and gravy and mashed potatoes. there's a lot of good food there. >> it's always packed. take a look at temperatures right now. winds are dead calm, 44. dewpoints down to 43. the barometer is holding steady. 34 now at oakland, 37 37 cumbe
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rland winds west-southwest. the winds will pick up a little bit more then pick up a little bit more tomorrow. that front now crossing through portions of ohio. a couple of showers up north. ahead of it may get up a few degrees over what we saw this afternoon. so here's the front, ahead of it slightly milder air coming in briefly tomorrow. they can it gets cooler again behind it by tuesday and wepdz. thursday, maybe a brief sprinkle and then temps cooler. now around 60 for a high. winds tomorrow trying to pick it up. a gust near 20 and there's a small craft advisory on the bay
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tomorrow. sunrise 6:37. tonight, partly cloudy, seasonally cool, tomorrow sunshine and some clouds. 61 and then tomorrow night as it clears out and dries out and the winds die down, temperatures will drop back in the 40s. good chance of frost. tomorrow night, again on wednesday night back in the mid- 30s. 53 for the high, 55 on thursday be a slight chance of a sprinkle or shower. cooling again, 51 with more sunshine friday, back in the 30s again and 57. sunny to partly cloudy skies. >> sunny but cold. the ravens are upbeat after beating up the broncos. mark has more, coming up in sports. just as we promise 100% fresh produce...
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that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway. look what a bye week will
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do for you. >> yeah, john harbaw says the defense didn't do or invented anything new, they just executed better. the ravens offense did what it's been doing all year. pile up plenty of points to steal flacco's td. 29 laser from the young qb to the veteran receiver. mason had some fun of flacco's approach. >> he drilled it in there, he didn't lost it, he drilled it in there. you know, wow. that was a great catch though, wasn't it. not just the throw, that was a great catch. >> all right, no update today on the ankle injury on nada. nada left the game but did not
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return. ravens play at cincinnati. cleveland browns coach eric mangini safe for now but general manager kokiniss gone. cleveland franchise has become a graveyard for former ravens players and front office personnel. just two teams remain unbeaten this season, the colts and the saints. falcons with position, but the saints are beginning to take it away. matt ryans gets picked off by greer, he will go the distance. right now the saints lead in atlanta, it is 28-24. the word series, two more home runs for chase utley. phillies stay alive by winning game five. the phil's second baseman hit a solo shot in the first,
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phillies win 8-6. that means game six in the bronx is coming up on wednesday. >> not over
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the ravens and their fans were in a giving mood tonight. they held their annual all community team launching party. more than 500 guests got to mingle with flacco and mazi.
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